Business Consulting

Business consulting

Business consulting is the service provided by the Consultant who provide professional or expert advice in a particular area. Percept Consulting provides Business Consulting in the following domains:


Sustainable reporting represents a potential mechanism for data collection and measuring progress and contribution of companies towards sustainable development goals and objectives. It is the measure by which we could understand that how well the companies are doing against carbon emission and against good corporate citizenship.


Feasibility reports are created to persuade the decision makers to choose between available options. A Feasibility study emphasizes on the investigation and comparison of alternative solutions.


It is the process of involving a group of landers in funding various portions of a loan for a single borrower. A Loan Syndication is the financing offered by a group of landers (syndicate) who work together to provide the funds for a single borrower.


Solar PV is the technology which converts the sun’s energy into direct current electricity by using semiconductors. The consultancy contains all the information related to the scope, use and challenges of installing solar PV projects in rural, semi-urban and urban areas.


Sustainable agriculture is that which focuses on producing long-term crops and livestock while having very less effects on the environment. This tries to find a good balance between need for food production and preservation of the ecology which aims in satisfying human foods; enhances the environmental quality; making the efficient use of non-renewable energy and on-farm resources; last but not the least improving the farmer’s standard of life and the country.