The process of getting an idea (Product / Service / Ad Campaign) evaluated by your target audience / customer before it is launched and made available to the public. Concept test uses survey method to check the acceptance of idea in target market before the product / service / communication is introduced in market.


The answer to most of the above is Concept testing. It allows you to refine a product. Concept test provides the following to business:

i. Prevents Execution Efforts onbad ideas : in terms of market readiness, time of launch, competition etc. Established companies as well as start-ups are vulnerable to making mistakes if they don’t test their ideas first.

ii. Building consensus within Team : Proving that an idea is popular with consumers can convince your team to pursue it. After all, if consumers in your target market like it, who’s to say it won’t work?

iii. Savingtime and money : in terms of re-doing the planning and execution if the product isnot liked / accepted by target market.

Concept Testing Solutions include : Logo Testing/ Website DesignTesting / Name Testing/ Ad or Campaign Evaluation, Package Testing / Pricing and UpgradesTesting


Market opportunity has been identified, a concept has been generated, tested, and the prototype is ready. There is one step missing before mass production; product testing.

Product testing is a research methodology allowing businesses to collect qualitative and quantitative information about consumer’s potential consumption/usage behavior, preferences, and reactions on a product. Your idea may be a product or service,it does not matter.You make your audience use or consume your product / service, and collect their reactions onproduct usage and various other attributes.

Our experienced team of researchers with expertise on wide spectrum of consumer products are able to clearly advise clients about the most appropriate type of product testing, for example, blind/ branded; with/without concept; monadic/sequential. Further, we help generate & shortlist attributes; the most efficient sample sizes and advice on action standards. Advanced techniques and optimization techniques are used for diagnostics and clear recommendations to help develop differentiated & relevant product formulations; to link physical/chemical properties of a formulation to consumer acceptance, and to create consumer segments based on product preferences.

Product Testing Types:

Product Tests can be done by using In-Home Usage Test(Diary Placement) and Central Location Test (CLT).
Usually CLT method is used where target audience are called to come to a central location and test a product, then complete a survey. CLT comes with some benefits — where tests are getting conducted with an observation of a moderator; which enables brands to direct the research according to the consumer behavior.
On the other hand, on IHUT, the company sends the prototypes to the target customers and they themselves record their observations without any Supervision, distractions or pressure.IHUT is usually preferred when the product is consumed over a period of time (rather than instant consumption) e.g. product testing for a shampoo prototype might take 7-days long consumption cycle.IHUT is more comfortable for consumers and provides more accurate insights to companies since consumers are consuming/using products on where they were supposed to consume/use them.

Product Testing Solutions are used: for conducting pre product launch consumer acceptance test for Consumer Durables, Snacks & food, Electronic equipment like Mobile / Laptops, Foods (staples & oils, snacks & biscuits, dairy products, confectionery), Beverages: soft drinks, juices, tea, coffee, health food drinks, Personal care: personal wash, skin care, hair care, fragrances, Paints, Lighting, Personal wear: apparel & fashion, footwear, watches, jewelry, stationery, Oral care, Health & wellness OTC productsand Agri products

Post Launch Tracking & Diagnostics

Employ tracking and analytics tools in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses thereof and thus arrive at a decision about further investment and/or modifications in the brand.