Organizations are investing significantmoney to place their messages in front of consumers, they are naturally concerned that people will actuallyunderstand the message correctly and will recall /remember these messages at a later point.

Executing advertising effectively requires that consumers notice the ad, recall the brand, and remember it favorably when they make a purchase decision.Recallmeans that viewers can remember and retell the specific marketing messages to which they were exposed.Recognitionmeans they recognize the brand or message when they see or hear it again, even if they can’t recite it from memory.

Ad & campaign effectiveness research can help ensure companies aregetting a positive Return on Investment (ROI) and can inform future campaign planning.

The primary research objective is generally to evaluate the overall effectiveness of an advertisement or campaign across key brand metrics. For example:

  • Unprompted & Prompted brand awareness
  • Unprompted& Promptedadvertising awareness
  • Prompted brand awareness
  • Media attributionand Advertising attribution
  • Creative likeability
  • Key message take out
  • Evaluate brand understanding and overall brand perception
  • Demonstrate call-to-action generated by the campaign